What Can I Eat?


As a mom of three boys, this question is often thrown around my house. As soon as they come home from school, “What’s to eat?” After soccer practice, “What’s to eat?”  When their friends come over, well, you get the idea.

Since starting Keto, I now get this question from just about everyone.  After getting complimented on how much weight I’ve lost, their next question is asking how I do it.  Once I explain that I did it through a lot of work by cutting out carbs and exercising, I get that scoff of “Oh I could never do that.” Or, “I’m terrible at dieting…I am always hungry.”

Except, with keto, I’m rarely hungry.  This has probably been the most food inclusive “diet” I’ve ever been on, and I’ve been on a lot.

So that brings me to this post! What’s to Eat?

Well, there are lots of things to eat with Keto!!



The key to eating meat on the Keto diet is to remember that FAT IS GOOD! A nice marbled ribeye is not only delicious, but SO GOOD FOR YOU! Enjoy that night out with your significant other by enjoying a nice juicy steak without the potato! We all know that’s just there to fill you up anyway.  Enjoy that steak!

You can enjoy just about any meat with Keto! Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Veal!  Some of my favorite snacks when I need something on the go are pepperoni or summer sausage! And EGGS!!  While not a meat, they’re packed with protein and are a great asset to the Keto diet!



We are HUGE seafood lovers in my house.  Thankfully living in Florida we get to enjoy some of the tastiest seafood on the east coast! Eating Keto means we don’t have to miss out on some delicious salmon or giant crab legs (and we get to enjoy the clarified butter with it)! Not only is seafood good for you, but you get some super healthy fats in the process.

Enjoy a nice salmon steak, some shrimp or scallops, or even a nice, juicy lobster tail! Just a small word of caution if you’re buying things frozen or prepackaged.  Always, ALWAYS check the nutritional information.  Some seafood may be overly processed and may contain fillers which means hidden carbs!




As soon as I mention that you shouldn’t eat carrots or potatoes on Keto, I get a total side eye and a lecture about how you need vegetables in order to get nutrients and any diet that cuts out vegetables isn’t good for you.  Whooooaaaa…hold your horses.

In fact, it is INCREDIBLY important for you to eat your veggies while on the Keto diet. The few carbs that you eat every day should be made up of these nutritious veggies, as with everything else, in moderation.

While eating any veggies that grow underground are considered non-Keto foods (carrots, onions, potatoes, and corn…yes, I know it grows on a stalk, but still a no-no), here is a list of the plethora of veggies that ARE ok!

Salad Greens – my rule, if it’s green…EAT IT!
Bok choi
Brussel Sprouts
Bamboo shoots
Bean Sprouts
Cabbage (all varieties)
Celery Root
Green Beans
Greens: Collards, Mustard, Turnip, etc
Lettuce: again…if it’s green…
Okra (not fried…sadly…but I’m sure you could find a keto friendly recipe!)
Snow Peas
Sugar Snap Peas
Summer Squash
Scallions (spring onion)

How is THAT for a list of what you CAN eat!! As I mentioned before, just make sure you’re watching portions and carb count so that you’re not eating them in other ways!  Best way to get your daily allotment of carbs is through vegetables!

To get even more bang for your buck so to speak, is to enjoy some of these fattier vegetables: black or green olives (don’t overdo these…max of 6 per day) and/or avocado!



Who doesn’t love cheese?  Cheeses are a great way to get your daily fat intake up.  Swiss, Cheddar, Brie, Mozzarella, Gruyere, Goat, and so many others, are fantastic ways of getting some fat into your diet.  This fat will help make you feel more full throughout the day!

Keep in mind that if you had dairy issues prior to Keto, they may still be an issue now.  Also, some people who find themselves at a stall for a few weeks to a month will try to eliminate dairy from their diet in order to break that stall.

Along with cheeses, creams including heavy whipping cream and sour cream are also ok.  Avoid half and half as well as condensed or evaporated milk.


Stay tuned for another post that will include what snacks and fruits are ok!  I hope you enjoyed this! What is your favorite Keto food right now?

Keeping it Keto,


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