My Keto Story

Starting Point

I came by way of Keto thanks to my best friend Missy. You'll probably read about her a lot here on this blog as we have a lot of fun experimenting with recipes and encouraging new Keto people on their journeys. 

Several years ago we had an accountability agreement through a whole foods based way of eating.  We knew that as long as we held each other accountable and did it together we’d be successful.  Well, skip ahead 6 months and life just got in the way.  No time to devote to exercise, no time for meal prepping, no time for ME. 

About a year later I had gained 10 of the 20 pounds I had lost and was starting to fall back into my sluggish lifestyle.  She and I both struggle with our weight and have had these issues for most of our lives. 


Enter Keto.

Missy decided to start this  new “diet” and, while I remained encouraging, I never joined in.  I would sit and eat fried chicken, while she enjoyed a huge piece of fish and a side of broccoli. I would eat mozzarella sticks while she’d have a nice, juicy steak!  I couldn’t believe that she was able to lose weight with what she was eating AND that it was coming off so fast.

About 4-5 months after she started Keto, I decided to jump on the bandwagon.  Five months later we're both down 40+ pounds…and still going.  This way of eating has come so naturally to both of us that we often joke about the fact that we're not really on a "diet" at all. Which is actually the truth...who knew changing your lifestyle and incorporating exercise would actually WORK!? 

So what changed this time?

There’s something to say for noticeable changes and easy recipes which is my main motivation for sharing this blog with the world.  For the first time I'm able to see noticeable changes in a rather short amount of time simply by changing my eating habits.  On top of that, these eating habits cause me to remain FULL to the point that I never feel deprived.

When I was doing Whole 30, I felt great.  I had energy, I didn’t feel sludgy inside...except for one thing…I felt hungry.  All.the.time.

I would read the blogs.  I would look up recipes on Pinterest.  Everything told me that I needed to increase the amount of “healthy” carbs in order to feel full.  But yet, no matter how many "healthy" carbs I ate, I was still always hungry.  I'd eat 6-8 times a day just to keep satisfied.  As a mother of three and a wife, this became increasingly difficult to maintain.

This post isn’t about bashing Whole 30.  As a matter of fact, I really enjoyed that way of eating.  I have a love for all things fresh.

But it wasn’t sustainable for ME.

You see?  I’m a carb addict.

Even though I was eating fruit and whole grains, the carbs made me crave MORE.  And there’s something about that nasty crave beast that makes it impossible to resist…am I right?  I am an addict.

No, I haven’t been diagnosed.  No I’m not clinically admitting my addiction.  And no way am I making light of addictions overall.  I can see by my desire to self-destruct, that I was, and am, in fact a sugar addict.

So again you ask, what changed this time?

The only thing that changed this time…is my mind.

I changed my mind

I decided that I would no longer allow sugar to control my body, but that my body would control the sugar. I went from craving things that were bad for me, to realizing that I was stronger than those cravings.  I can now look at a tray of brownies and tell myself that they are poison to my body.  Besides, I know that there are many more options that are keto friendly that allow me to get the benefit of a brownie without sacrificing my hard work and my health.

While it’s easy to say this, I can tell you living it is so much harder. But…I’m writing this today to tell you that YOU CAN DO THIS.  

If I can do can you.

Christmas 2016 Before Pic (almost 200 pounds)

Christmas 2016
Before Pic (almost 200 pounds)

March 2018 down 40 pounds and counting

Keeping it Keto,