Motivational Monday: Stronger than your cravings

Motivational Monday.png

How many times have you started and stopped a diet?  Take a second and think about it.  Once? Twice?  Ten Times? Who are we kidding?  If you’re like me, you’ve started a diet and stopped it more times than you can count.

I want to start offering some motivation to all of us out there who are taking the one millionth try to get their nutrition in order.

Guess what?

It doesn’t matter how many times you have fallen off the wagon.  What matters is that you get up, dust yourself off and keep going.

While it’s easy to READ this, it’s much more difficult to apply it.  Why must dieting be so hard?

Dieting is hard because we are training our bodies to go against what we’ve been doing for decades.  We’ve taught our bodies to crave sugars and carbs, so of course its going to be hard to train our bodies differently.  But…if you can make it through a month of hard, it becomes so much easier.

On our Facebook page, so many ask about replacing sweets.  I try and encourage everyone to not try and replace sweets for cravings within the first month of Keto.  The reason is, you’re not retraining your body this way.  You’re simply placating an addiction instead of overcoming it.

If I can offer you any encouragement it’s this…you are stronger than your cravings.

Think of the hardest thing you’ve gone through.  You made it through.  If you can make it through THAT, your cravings are nothing. 

3 waysto fightcravings.png

So…I’m not going to just offer motivation without giving you some things to arm yourself with in the war against cravings.


1.     Get all of the junk food out of your house.  By keeping the junk food in your house, you’re bound to cave at least once.  It’s much harder to cave to your cravings if you don’t have those temptations sitting in your pantry.

If you’re like me and have kids who still eat carbs, then that may be a bit more difficult.  Something I did was to keep all of my food in the fridge.  The good part of eating Keto is you’re eating lots of fresh veggies and meats so I didn’t go into our pantry hardly at all.  When I did it was to get pork rinds or almonds, both of which I kept in a basket of JUST my Keto foods.  I’d fill my evening meal with fat so that I wasn’t hungry.  I quickly realized my nightly grazing was out of boredom…not hunger.

2.     Arm yourself with options.  I always make sure to have some flavored waters or almonds on hand.  Many cravings can be lessened just by eating something else.  For example, if I am craving chocolate, I’ll eat almonds…if I want something crunchy, then I’ll eat some pork rinds.  Also, lots and lots of water.  Most of the time we crave foods when we’re dehydrated.  Another great substitute for chocolate cravings is avocado.  Upping your fats will keep you full, therefore not hungry.

3.     Brush your teeth.  This may seem really simple and silly, but who wants to eat after you brush your teeth?  Please note that if you are HUNGRY, eat something!  There are plenty of foods you CAN eat, why be hungry? 


I hope this helps.  The first week or two of Keto (or any diet really) can be very difficult adapting.  Why not make it easier on yourself? Leave me a comment and tell us what you struggled with when you first started Keto?  What got you through the cravings?  How do you deal with them now?


You are stronger than your cravings. 


So let’s keep it Keto!