Snack Time Overload


Where are my fellow snackers?  

One of the hardest parts of adapting to Keto was realizing that I didn't have to prepare so much food that I would be snacking   The beautiful part of Keto is that you no longer have to make sure you always have snacks at the ready due to your body metabolizing what you eat so fast you can't keep up!!

I have news for you!  You are NOT are BORED.

How easy is this to say?  But why is it SOOOO hard to find the difference?  Whether you graze all day or engulf all the food at night (that would be me), snacking has always been what has kept me from being successful on almost every diet I've tried.


I have found that keeping myself busy has been the best way to keep myself from feeling like I HAVE to snack at night.  I love to crochet.  I love to watch TV.  I love to scroll Social Media.  I've found that I can even love working out (that NEVER would have come out of my mouth six months ago...LOL).  I don't love laundry or cleaning very much, but tackling that one chore I've been putting off has been great with keeping my hands and mind busy at night.

I'm not hungry.

By following the Keto lifestyle, I've been able to keep my hunger at bay AND lose weight.  I never, ever thought this would be possible.  How do I do this?  I live within my macros! By keeping my dietary fat high, it keeps me full enough that I'm no longer hungry in between meals.  Yes, there are times where I just need something sweet at the end of the day or for a special occasion, but there are plenty of low carb and Keto friendly options!

What is your favorite way to tackle the snack monster when it hits?  Do you have trouble determining whether or not your hungry or bored?

Let's Keep it Keto,